1969 - born in brno, czechoslovakia

2002 - international centre of photography, new york
1996 - 1998 - institute of creative photography, silesian university, czech republic
1991 - 1997 - architecture, czech technical university in prague, czech republic



musee de la photographie, charleroi, belgium, 2007 - "big sister" - solo exhibition
"czech photography of the 20th century", municipal library, prague, 2005 - group exhibition
"contemporary czech photography", leica gallery, new york, 2003 - group exhibition
czech cultural centre, brussels, 2007 - "in the meantime: europe" - solo exhibition
house of arts, opava, czech republic, 2007 - "in the meantime: europe" - solo exhibition
swann galleries, rosenberg & kaufman, new york, 2006 - "in the meantime: europe" - exhibition, book launch
goethe-institut, prague, czech republic, 2006 - "sudetenland" - solo exhibition
kunst wien, vienna, austria, 2004 - "quality times" - group exhibition
czech press photo, prague, czech republic, 2003 - group exhibtion
transphotographiques photography festival, lille, france, 2003 - "europeans" - solo exhibition
le bleu du ciel gallery, lyon, france,2002 - "europa" - group exhibition
czech national bank, prague, czech republic, 2002 - "europa" - solo exhibition
margherapphotography festival, italy - "europeans", 2001 - group exhibition
european commission, prague, czech republic, 2001 - "eu" - solo exhibition
josef sudek gallery, prague, czech republic, 2000 - "europeans" - solo exhibition
british council, prague, czech republic, 1998 - "london: another view" - solo exhibition
"european cities of culture 2000":
suomenlinna gallery, helsinki, finland
palazzo di comune, bologna, italy
hordamuseet museum, bergen, norway
gerduberg cultural center, reykjavik, iceland

"european cities of culture 2000" in the czech centers:
brussels, stockholm, warsaw, kiev, sophia, bucharest, moscow


upcoming exhibitions:

"big sister" moscow house of photography, russia (solo exhibition)
"big sister" forma gallery, milano, italy (solo exhibition)
"big sister" centre for contamporary art dox, prague, czech republic


"europeans" - czech embassy, washington
- opening of the czech eu council presidency in 2009
"big sister" - museum of modern arts, san francisco, usa - group exhibition


photography festivals:
photo la, robert berman gallery, usa, 2008
photo miami, robert berman gallery, usa, 2007
paris photo, eric franck fine art, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003
"big sister" / "end of elsewhere" / "india" / "europeans"
/ "in the meantime: europe" - book signing
photo-london, eric franck fine art, 2007, 2006, 2005 - "india" / "europeans"
rencontres arles, eric franck fine art, 2007 - "in the meantime: europe" - book signing
aipad, new york, eric franck fine art, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 - "europeans"
arco madrid, eric franck fine art, 2004 - "end of elsewhere"



hp award, rencontres arles, laureat, nominated by anne tucker, museum of fine arts, houston, 2007 czech press photo, honorary award, 2005, 2003 photo district news (pdn), portfolio on-line award, 2004 westzone publishing, shortlisted for book publication, 2001


profiled in:

exit magazine, 2008 - issue on erotic photography, along with works of thomas ruff, larry sultan, jeff burton, susan meiselas, lucinda devlin, kohei yoshiyuki and paul seawright

viewpoint, the, england, 2008
c photography magazine, 2008
american photo, usa, 2007
photo magazine, france, 2007
czech photography of the 20th century, catalogue, 2005
"european cities of culture: means of communication", exhibition catalogue, 2000
private, photography magazine,italy, 2006
british journal of photography, england, 2005
fotografie magazine, czech republic, 2005
reflex magazine, czech republic, 2002
elle magazine, czech republic, 2001



getty images / orchard, canon europe anniversary - "we speak image", 2007
globus magazine, switzerland, 2006
prague municipality of neux les mines, france, 2003
prague transporation authority, czech republic, 2001
british tourist authority, london, 1999


publications (2000 - 2007):

newsweek, usa
national geographic, czech republic
elle, france
spiegel, germany
focus, germany
liberation, france
pour voir, france
reflex, czech republic
ogoniok, russia
private, italy
anna, italy
new york times, usa
international herald tribune, usa
conde nast traveller, usa
fortune, usa



granta magazine, england, 2006
random house publishing, england, 2006
vintage contemporaries publishing, england, 2006
bloomsbury publishing, england, 2005
sunday telegraph, stella, england, 2006
new scientist, england, 2006
the new presence, magazine, czech republic, 2005
students' diary, eu information centre, czech republic, 2003
the last day of the century, photography book, czech republic, 2000



"in the meantime: europe", 2006:
eric franck fine art, england
kant publishing, czech republic
mets en schilt, holland


photography auctions:

watermill foundation, new york, 2006
aftermath project, new york, 2006
fotofest, houston, usa, 2006, 2002
prague house of photography, czech republic, 2002


lectures / presentations:

international centre of photography, new york, 2006
new york university, new york, 2006
new york university prague, czech republic, 2005



museum of fine arts, houston, usa
musee de la photographie, charleroi, belgium
museum of applied arts, prague, czech republic
bibliotheque national de france, paris, france
wilson centre for photography, england
czech national bank, prague, czech republic
vaclav havel library, prague, czech republic
eric franck fine art, london, england
vanessa suchard fine art, london, england
donna rogers fine art, houston, usa
rosenberg kaufman fine art, new york, usa
flatfile galleries, chicago, usa
camerawork gallery, berlin, germany




hana jakrlova is a czech photographer born in 1969 in brno, currently based in paris and living also in prague and new york.


after studying architecture in prague, she enrolled the documentary photography program at the institute of creative photography in the czech republic and subsequently at the international center of photography in new york.


hana travelled in europe extensively, between 1997 and 2003. this personal journey around european cities resulted in subjective documentary series, "europeans". photography book "in the meantime: europe" with the foreword by vaclav havel was published in 2006, in co-production of czech, dutch and english publishers.


the "europeans" were featured in the czech photography of the 20th century exhibition in museum of applied arts in prague and the contemporary czech photography exhibition in the leica gallery in new york. the "europeans" collection, as well as other photography series based in and outside of europe ("end of elsewhere", "russian holidays", "holy cities: india", "sudetenland", "solitude: new york") have been published in number of photography magazines and they are found in museums, institutions and private collections at home and abroad, including the camera work gallery in berlin, the museum of fine arts in houston, bibliotheque national de france, the czech national bank and the museum of applied arts in prague.


in 2005, hana begun photographing the big sister, internet brothel in prague. fascinated by the ways internet changes our world, and challenged by the subject, hana explored the extreme, surprising and world-wide effect, internet has on our sense of intimacy and privacy. documenting the absurd and existential "decisive moments" recorded on the world wide web, hana completed the series which can be seen as the sign of our times.


the "big sister" has been awarded and exhibited at the arles rencontres in 2007. it is currently being exhibited at the museum of photography in charleroi, belgium, and it has been featured in several photography and art magazines.


the "big sister" series is going to be published as photography book.


the work has been included into several important collections and museum exhibitions around the world, such as the wilson centre for photography, museum of photography in charleroi, and museum of fine arts in houston.